Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter must listen and translate simultaneously. Owing to a high level of psychological and physical strain, simultaneous interpreters usually work in teams in interpreting booths with the aid of technical equipment.
Whispered interpreting services are also popularly used in smaller communication frameworks such as political or business negotiations. Here the simultaneous interpreter sits right behind his client and simultaneously whispers to him what the negotiating partner is saying in the source language.
Skrivanek will be happy to provide you with simultaneous interpreters who are absolute professionals with years of experience in this form of interpreting, which is highly demanding for the human brain.
Since simultaneous interpreting often involves high technical and personnel expenditure – two or more simultaneous interpreters are usually employed for each event – a more intensive planning phase would be required to fulfil your assignment. Contact us to make your conference a complete success!

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